08 Oct 2016 Jolly Llamas and Sap Laughter Santa Cruz The Crepe Place The Crepe Place
29 Oct 2016 The Jolly Llamas Halloween Costume Party Santa Cruz The Crepe Place The Crepe Place

“The focus is — as it was before — on lyrics…

…specifically creating elaborate stories in their songs (hence the title of the record, Story Rock). But musically the group has changed. Their tunes are less They Might Be Giants and more a combination of power-pop, dark cabaret, and indie-experimental. These guys play with a lot of exciting, driving energy, but they’re still just as brainy, funny and ironic as ever.


Who are The Jolly Llamas?

We’re a four-human indie rock band hailing from the sunny shores of Santa Cruz, California. The band has gone through several mutations before becoming what it is today. It started as a folky acoustic duo with only two guitars and has since transformed into pants-shaking, earth-quaking rock. The four of us are all poets at heart, quaffing influence from other mediums of art and life itself and we hope it shows in our music. The background image from left to right shows Roby Behrens, Marc Cavigli, Luke Aton, and Kevin Ahmadi.

Story Rock, the Genre

Story has an emphasis on lyrics and stories within it. For us, Story Rock doesn’t require a concrete structure, it just serves as a starting point for conjuring images and invoking feelings. Sometimes the story is abstract and has several meanings at once like ‘Llama Sun,’ where the listener is transported between various locations and moments in time such as a safari at night or outer-space. Sometimes it follows a linear path to a climax like ‘Alchemist,’ where a female alchemist tests her poisons on her boyfriend, eventually bringing about his demise.

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